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Social Media Deep Dive: Recruitment

As part of our Newhouse class, every person in our class has the opportunity to do a deep dive into a topic of their choice. They will explore how that topic intersects with social media and teach it to our class.

As I am a career services professional, I am always intrigued how social media intersects with recruitment and higher education. In today’s changing recruitment landscape, social media is becoming ever more present in hiring decisions and recruitment strategies. Companies are turning to social media to screen candidates, target passive job seekers, engage potential candidates, and showcase company culture.

As more companies are incorporating social recruiting into their strategies, some companies are going a step further than just tweeting their job posts or creating LinkedIn company profiles. I want to find those companies and ask them about their strategies, how they came up with that strategy, if they will continue hiring in that manner, if they see the industry follow in their footsteps and more.

You can follow along with my progress for the next month via Twitter with the hashtag: #SMRecruit


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