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Progress so far.. 1 interview done

It has been a while since I wrote a post about my progress with my project, #SMRecruit. I have to say it was difficult at first to find exactly what I was looking for, but once I sat down and found the first resource, the others were no problem. Now I can’t stop finding articles about interesting ways that recruiters and job seekers are connecting. One is literally leading me to another.

One way that really caught my eye early on was a little something called a #TMATwitterview.  The Marketing Arm, a marketing company, began searching for its summer interns via Twitter, posting five questions over the course of five days that had to be answered in 140 characters. In short 5 days, 5 questions, 5 interns – how cool is that. This company was not only searching in the space its demographic would be in, but also the space the interns would work in during the summer (and beyond). I knew I wanted to reach out and talk with someone at the Marketing Arm to find out more about their Twitterviews and the results.

One of the most amazing things about social media and people in general is how open and willing people are to talk about their experiences and their projects, I say this because I reached to the Marketing Arm and right away I was able to talk to Kristy Webster about the Twitterviews. She was extremely helpful in giving me a deeper look into the process. We talked about the behind the scenes of setting the program up, the metrics and more. She even pointed me in the direction of Pizza Hut who did 140 second interviews at SxSW!

I’m excited for my next interviews and my presentation slated for April 18th – stay tuned.


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