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Out-of-the-Box Recruiting

Over the course of this semester and throughout my time in Dr4Ward’s Social Media Theory & Practice (#NewhouseSM6) class, each student had the opportunity to research a topic of their choosing. As you learned in my earlier posts, I choose to deep dive into social recruiting. My intent was to find out about all the cool things happening in this space, specifically, how were companies and recruiters using this space to not only brand themselves, but find talent. Through my research I came away with more amazing stories than I thought were out there. Even better, new stories and examples come out everyday – this industry is definitely changing and it was cool learning about it.

Through my interactions with @VASegovia, @JimStroud, @kimincuse, @OWStarr, Kristy Webster (@TheMarketingArm) and the reading of multiple recruiting blogs (recruitingblogs.com, ere.net, and others) I was able to come to grasp with what social recruiting was about – it is more than just a method of hiring or finding passive talent. It’s about sharing content, creating stories, and connecting with people in new and interesting ways. It’s about incorporating all aspects of the company or individual to give another a view into what makes that company or individual. As more companies integrate social into their recruiting strategy it’s becomes more about connecting an outsider with a company and making them feel like they belong. This is an amazing space to be in right now, and companies love meeting people in the spaces they already frequent.

This SlideShare of my presentation gives a fuller story of how the companies above have understood this message, take a look –

To get from an idea to that presentation was a long road. It consisted of a lot of reading and gathering information. To keep all the content in one place I used Google + (especially Google Drive – my links went everywhere I went), Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It was great being able to have the information I found easily accessible as everyday I read new articles that introduced me to new people and companies. If I didn’t have an easy place to put it all, I don’t even want to think about it. In addition to keeping my resources in a convenient place I also had a Google Hangout with Dr4Ward which helped finalize a direction and we had some fun with Obama and the Kid President to top it off –

During our hangout, Dr4Ward and I watched the Kid President meet Obama.

During our hangout, Dr4Ward and I watched the Kid President meet Obama.

To make it easier to access all my sources I also curated them all using PearlTrees

After the presentation I ran the analytics of #SMRecruit’s through TweetReach –

A look at the #SMRecruit analytics

A look at the #SMRecruit analytics through TweetReach.

Top mentions and retweets.

Top mentions and retweets through TweetReach.












SocialMention Analytic



Hashtracking Analytics


I then complied all the information and tweets into a Storify –

[View the story “Social Recruiting 3.0 #SMRecruit” on Storify]

Thank you for checking out my project, hope you learned something new.

Please leave your comments below 🙂 and if you come across other great examples of social recruiting, let me know either below or through Twitter – @jmsdreaming.


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